Trade shows are challenging to prepare for, with tracking logistics, staffing and ensuring you have the right products on hand to show potential customers. Don’t put in all the hard work without first correcting these common trade show mistakes.

1. You haven’t set a goal

What’s the most important thing you hope to achieve at the trade show? Is it number of people in the booth, sales orders signed or something else? Without a goal and a way to measure it, you won’t know if you’re getting the necessary return on your investment.

2. Your setup is dull

Trade shows are all about first impressions and attracting people to come learn more about what you offer. Without a display that accomplishes that, you’ll fall short of your goals and cause potential customers to lose interest. This is a good place to invest critical marketing dollars, because your display is so crucial to pulling in attendees, attention and future business.

3. You’ve got the wrong — or untrained — people

Who wants to stop by a booth and discover no one knows much about the new products? Worse, what if trade show attendees are being driven away by loud, obnoxious people with all the finesse of a used-car salesman? Your trade show should be staffed by company employees who know your products or services inside out. And leave the pushy sales tactics behind. Instead, plan cool giveaways, dynamic demonstrations or informative marketing materials to draw people in.

4. You’re not communicating ahead of time

Use all the tools available to you through trade show and industry publications and especially social media to spread the word about what you’ll be doing at the trade show. Do you have events scheduled? Special guests to meet? An amazing new product to showcase? Don’t forget to link to the trade show’s accounts when you post about these.

5. You don’t follow through

Trade shows exist to generate leads, and if you’re not doing anything with those leads, you’re not alone. A Salesforce survey found that nearly 80 percent of exhibitors never follow through on their leads. Simply by taking the time to reach out, you’ll convert more attendees to customers.

Now that you’re planning your next trade show, take care of one major mistake by updating your trade show display. Mammoth Imaging can help you brainstorm on a whole new look and can produce a professional display that will help you meet your goals. Contact us today to get started.