When you’re showcasing your business at a trade show, you want to make sure that your booth stands out among your business rivals. Your booth should not only be visually appealing but also mentally engage your potential clients. New customers can be fickle and won’t go along with the first service they see: they want to be sure that they’re making the right investment.

Keeping some graphic design tips for your booth in mind will give you a better chance of success at your next trade show.

Use high-quality images

When designing your promotional material, make sure to use only the best material and pleasing colors. The image resolution and banner size should be scaled to fit your booth perfectly.

Be consistent

Your brand should have a distinctive logo and color scheme that sets it apart from other industries. These should be cohesive across all your marketing materials, from shirts to informational brochures.

Use vertical displays

An elevated display or banner can help prospective clients easily spot your booth in a crowded vendor hall, giving you an advantage over the competition.

Interact with your audience

Don’t just show your services! Give your visitors ways to interact with your booth like product demonstrations, using touchscreens, or hosting giveaways. A hands-on experience will keep your potential customers engaged as well as create a lasting impression of your company.

Don’t forget about shipping and transportation

The bigger your display, the more hassle it will be to transport it to the trade show! Make sure you know the costs associated with moving your display and keeping it safe during its journey to the show.

Stick to your budget

Set a realistic budget for yourself well before the show. Exceeding your budget for your booth’s design can appear sloppy and may damage the growth of your business.

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