Choose from a variety of rigid board display systems. VIEW PRODUCT CATALOGUE

Rigid Displays

The following substrates and thicknesses can be used
3/16” Gatorboard
½” Gatorboard

Mightee Mounts

  • Adjustable depth
  • Holds any rigid substrate up to 1″ thick (as long as it holds its own weight)
  • Display graphics and attract buyers with single or double sided graphics
  • Unique ‘M’ shaped steel base assembly
  • Interior holes with carriage bolts and wing nuts support any rigid graphics
  • Extremely cost effective; graphics are displayed in a modern frameless fashion
  • Extremely sturdy as all the weight is centered on the floor
  • 3 1/2” height off floor, 9” front to back
  • Satin Silver or Matte Black*

HT5 Rigid Graphic Clip holds graphics together up to 1/2” total thickness (sold 2 per)
Specify:  -S Satin Silver or -B Matte Black*

SKMM672″ single sided upright, sold in pairs.
SKMM784″ single sided upright, sold in pairs.
SKMM896″ single sided upright, sold in pairs.
SKCU672″ double sided Center upright, each.
SKCU784″ double sided Center upright, each.
SKCU896″ double sided Center upright, each.
SKRA672″ Corner upright, each.
SKRA784″ Corner upright, each.
SKRA896″ Corner upright, each.
SKTU672″ “T” upright, each
SKTU784″ “T” upright, each
SKTU896″ “T” upright, each
SKX672″ 4-way Quad upright, each
SKX784″ 4-way Quad upright, each
SKX896″ 4-way Quad upright, each
SKMMC224″ Upright extension kit
SKMS672″ single sided upright, each
SKMS784″ single sided upright, each
SKMS8 96″ single sided upright, each

LL Displays

  • 4 High, 7-3/4 front to back.
  • Fixed 1/2” Depth.
  • Sits flat on any surface.
  • Features welded construction.
  • All metal units are extremely solid.
  • Great for lobbies, tradeshow floors, malls, etc.

Both the satin silver and matte black powder coat finishes feature fine textures, designed to withstand high traffic areas.
Specify:  -S Satin Silver  or  -B Matte Black

Snap Frames
It’s an open and shut case. QuikFrame’s c-spring clips snap open on all four sides for swift and effortless graphic changes. Hang it or attach it to a freestanding display. There are many options with QuikFrame. Pick a size. Go standard and choose a rounded or mitered corner. You can customize it to your dimensions and choose a special finish or colour. Double-side it for twice the impact. It’s so very versatile. Wherever there’s a poster, there’s a need for QuikFrame.

Beautiful mitered corners
Spring loaded sides for easy insertion


  • Aluminum frames, 1-1/4 wide, 9/16 deep
  • Accepts posters and paper signs up to 1/32 thick
  • Rigid styrene backing.
  • Clear or Matte overlay lens included.
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting holes.
  • Wall screws and anchors.

Specify: – Part Number, Color
-S Satin Silver    -B Matte Black
Silver costs less than black.
-C Clear -M Matte
*Does not affect price.
Live area: 3/8″ margin covered on all sides.
Double Sided special order frames are available.

Convex Wall Frames

  • Standard Poster size
  • Dramatic, stylish, elegant curved design
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Custom sizes available
  • Accepts semi-rigid 22” x 28” graphics in an attractive curved shape
  • 060” Styrene is ideal. .040” minimum. .090” (3/32”) maximum
  • Graphic changes are effortless and assembly is ultra-simple
  • Wall mount brackets, anchors and screws are included

-S Satin Silver -B Matte Black