Indoor or outdoor promotion – our dye sublimation printed fabric flags are super choices for advertising. Choose from a selection of different flag designs and customize them to the height you require.

The following flag types are available at 10’ or 12’ and as high as 16’ high. Both flags are available as single or double side option:

Teardrop (Graphic template for Zoom 3, Zoom 4 & Zoom 5)

Feather (Graphic template for Zoom 3, Zoom 4 & Zoom 5)

Straight (Graphic template for Zoom 3, Zoom 4 & Zoom 5)

Tent (Full spec) & (Graphic Template)

For more detailed information on the size and spec for Zoom 3, 4 & 5 click on the links below:


Mammoth dye sub printed flags are superior to our competition as we use true dye sublimation technology. Our blacks are true blacks and fine texts are most visible with our print technology unlike our competitors who may use direct fabric printing options.

Our fabric prints are completely wash proof, fade resistant and most importantly promote GREEN as these prints are all recyclable and has no harm to Mother Nature.

Call or email today with your inquiry and take advantage of weekly promotions and new customer incentives.

Zoom 3
Zoom 3 feather template
Zoom 3 Straight template
Zoom 3 Teardrop template
Zoom 4
Zoom 5